Since Max Bruche has joined HU's finance group, the finance curriculum has been revised in order to make full use of the group's potential.

I am responsible for HU's new mandatory course on financial economics at the master level, i.e., the course "Finance Theory".
This is a joint project with Beatriz Mariano.
Evaluation results: 2019, 2018

In addition, I am developing two new elective courses at the bachelor level. Students who want to specialize in finance will take my course "Financial Markets". In addition, I offer a course titled "Financial Economics for Citizens". This course is intended for students interested in politics, as well as for students who want to become teachers.

At the PhD level, I will contribute to the core course in the finance track of the Berlin School of Economics. Moreover, I will teach a topics course, with a focus on climate finance. Both courses will first take place during the summer term 2020.

Together with Tim Adam, I coach a team of students in HU's (extracurricular) Portfolio Management Program.

Given that financial economics makes heavy use of math, I have a bit of experience in teaching math. I use it to run a mathematical circle for kids, together with Thoralf Klein. See our blog.

In the past, I also taught at other universities.

MIT Sloan School of Management:
Options and futures markets
Evaluation results: 2009 2008 2007

Vanderbilt University:
Corporate Financial Policy
Evaluation results