Table of Contents


Contains updates and opinion pieces on all kinds of topics. New events are announced here, as are new astrophotography sessions or resources.

B90/Die Grünen

Site detailing my political activity and projects at the german Green party, both as a delegate in the Green LA for Berlin and as a climate activist.


Galleries for my astrophotography pictures in full resolution and also my photographs covering protests, physics, landscapes and architecture.


Documents, Code Scripts (C++, Python and Jupyter Notebooks), Tutorials and Datasets for Physics, Astrophotography and Politics.


Solar System Simulation Tool

A Solar System Simulation Tool with a GUI using NASA Horizons Data to simulate the orbits in the solar system of an arbitrary selection of bodies with a Newtonian N-Body Integrator.

Hubble Pi Documentation

Documentation detailing the Hubble Pi project, a DIY telescope camera using a Raspberry Pi 4 2Gb, a 12Mp Sony IMX477 HQ camera and a Python 3 script with a Tkinter GUI I developed for controlling the camera sensor and quickly adjusting astrophotography relevant settings on a touchscreen.