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Personal Research Blog on Astrophysics and related Fields

by Santiago Rodriguez


-April 2021-May 2022; Scripts on Coding/Physics Video Tutorials

-February/March 2021; Stellar spectroscopy with Hubble Pi documentation (TBD)

-January 2021; MagPi issue #102 featuring article on Hubble Pi

-September 2020-2021; Laboratory protocols on advanced nuclear and material physics

-April 2020; Hubble Pi documentation and setup guide

-March 2020-2021; Laboratory protocols on optics experiments

-November-December 2019; Laboratory protocols on electromagnetism experiments

-September 2019; Differential equations script for introductory course lecture at HU-Berlin

-April-July 2019; Laboratory protocols on classical mechanics experiments


-May 2022; C++ Multi-Threaded N-Body Integration Algorithm (Standalone and wrapped for Numpy)

-February/March 2021; AstroSpectra python code for stellar spectroscopy (TBD)

-September 2020; Jupyter Notebook solar system simulation (SSS) using NASAs JPL Horizons data

-April-July 2020; Jupyter Notebook assignments for a computer physics course at HU-Berlin

-April 2020; AstroCam python code for astrophotography with a Raspberry Pi

Astrophotography Sessions

-March 2022; Canon EOS 40Da Deep Sky Imaging (Data available in Resources)

-February/March 2021; Stellar spectral imaging with Hubble Pi

-December 2020; Canon EOS 6D and Skywatcher N 200/1000 Explorer stellar astrophotography

-September 2020; Hubble Pi astrophotography featuring Mars

-June 2020; Hubble Pi astrophotography featuring the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn

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