Fachschaft Mathematik HU Berlin

WarmUp week

Bevor the beginning of the lecture period of every winter semester we offer a Preparatory course for study beginners. This is a crash course for all fundamentals that are important for our math studies. The exercises and lectures will be organised and held by students, therefore you cannot find them through agnes. There are also not compulsory, but will help you for the beginning of your studies. The event is going to be held in German.

Therefore you can find all the information for this year on the German Website. Here we give you the exact dates and meeting points for the events. We have several different lectures and corresponding exercises prepared, like Set theory and mathematical language; Logic and proofs; functions etc. We also always have an SWT - in which we repeat school material for a smoother beginning and a "Stundenplanberatung" - in which we help you set up your time table for the semester.

Under the point "Veranstaltungen" you can see the time table for the next WarmUp Week.