Fachschaft Mathematik HU Berlin

Orientation events

During the WarmUp weeks, some non-mathematical events will also take place.

Here is an overview of the non-mathematical events, that will usually take place during the warm up weeks. Have a look on the German Website to find out which events will take place this semester.

Introductory tour of the campus/ Campus Rallye

Here, you will have the opportunity to get to know some of your fellow students. We will meet in Adlershof, will show you the most important places on campus, there will be games to get to know each other, and the FSR is of course available to answer any questions that are on your mind.

Pub quiz

Here we meet at university and come together in groups to answer questions about life, sports, politics, fun, etc. The best team will win.

„Scotland Yard“-Liveversion

At the Live-version of "Scotland Yard" through Berlin, you can get to know your fellow students. In groups you will wander through Berlin to find a person. You should bring your Campus Card (for public transportation), your phone and probably an extra battery, good shoes, something to drink and sunscream or a raincoat.

Pub crawl

Divided in groups and with an older students as leader, you are going to scout out some Berlin Pubs and neighboorhoods.


In front of the student Café SBZ Motorenprüfstand MoPs (Newtonstr. 16) we will get together and find some good food to barbeque. Here you will also find students with other subjects.

Pub Evening

The first evening of the semester it is tradition to get together in a pub and celebrate the beginning of the semester. Here we will get to know each other better - you will find the student council and other students here. Usually we also have our first student council meeting here.