Full Professor of German Linguistics: Psycholinguistics


Institut für dt. Sprache und Linguistik
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin
Berlin School of Mind and Brain

My research focuses on (real-time context effects in) language comprehension across the lifespan (in children, young, and older adults) and how we can accommodate these interactions in processing accounts and (computational) models. I examine visual context effects as well as linguistic context effects (e.g., using eye tracking or event-related brain potentials). How rapidly can comprehenders exploit different contextual cues and how do different world-language relations compare in their effects? Are context effects short-lived or protracted? (e.g., as revealed in post-experiment comprehension and recall scores, reflecting learning). What representations and processes much we assume to model how is language processing and learning informed by

  • object-based information and past, present, and future events

  • emotional, spatial, and social context

  • visual perception (of objects, events, speakers, and of the extralinguistic social context including visual gender cues, eye gaze, and facial expressions)

The processing of different world-language relations have been accommodated in high-level accounts of the interaction between sentence-processing and visual perception

Laboratories: Reaction time, eye-tracking, and EEG

Laboratory protocol (Non-PEER-REVIEWED, CC-BY license)

Overview of group members

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