Past Projects

Uncovr #

In the Uncovr project we aim to improve the identification and linking of musical works in videos by leveraging methods from artificial and collective intelligence (2021-2023).


We are partners in the BMBF-funded REGIO project (2018-2021) where we lead the sub-project “Determinanten der Entstehung und des Erfolgs von Kooperationsbeziehungen in regionalen Forschungsverbünden”.

GiNLab #

As part of the DFG-funded FID Germanistik (Fachinformationsdienst) we are technical partners to develop an exploration and visualisation infrastructure for the GiNLab (2020 – 2021).


We are technical partners in the DESIR project (DARIAH ERIC Sustainability Refined, 2017-2019). We contribute with our competencies in entity-based search and scholarly content management.

Open Science #

As a member of the Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science we are partners (2012 – 2020)in the following projects (2012 – 2020):