My research is focused around our social bookmark and publication sharing system BibSonomy. The system is online since 2006, together with Andreas Hotho I am leading the development and operation of BibSonomy since 2009. If you are interested in cooperation or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me ().

This page collects useful information for everybody interested in BibSonomy. The page is work in progress and will be changed frequently.

Quick links: news & contact · research · development · documentation · demos & add-ons

news & contact #

  • The most important source of information is our blog where we announce and explain new releases and features. We try to release a new version of BibSonomy every month (on the Wednesday before the last Thursday of the month) and in the subsequent weeks describe new features in our feature of the week post series.
  • You can also follow us on Twitter (@BibSonomyCrew or #bibsonomy) and become a member of our Google+ community.
  • In addition, there are mailing lists for German and English speaking users.

research #

resources #

projects #

PUMA - Akademisches Publikationsmanagement #
Info 2.0 - Informationelle Selbstbestimmung im Web 2.0 #
TAGora - Semiotic Dynamics in Online Social Communities #

development #

BibSonomy is a Java-based web application, backed-up by a MySQL database and Apache Lucene for fulltext search.

documentation #

BibSonomy has help pages in English and German but most of the functionality is described in our feature of the week series in the blog which I highly recommend to read.

The system has also been described in the article The Social Bookmark and Publication Management System BibSonomy and in my dissertation.

demos & add-ons #

  • SIMILE Exhibit can be used to render JSON data from BibSonomy, see the source code of the following demos: Timeline, and TileView, Search, and Cloud.
  • BibSonomy offers many export formats that can be used to dynamically integrate content into web pages (e.g., using iframes). In particular, the embed format provides the posts in the same layout as in BibSonomy but without any navigation elements. See my homepage for an example which embeds my publication list into an iframe:
<iframe src=";resourcetype=publication&amp;sortPage=year&amp;sortPageOrder=desc&amp;format=embed" width="100%" height="400" name="my publications" style="border:none;"/>

add-ons #

tools #

The BibSonomy tools repository hosts the following tools:

  • The DocumentDownloader lets you download all documents from your user account (a restriction by tag(s) is possible).
  • The UrlListScraper reads a list of URLs and tries to gather publication metadata from them using BibSonomy’s screen scrapers.