Christian Bauer

Professor of Southeast Asian Philology (retired)
DEA, Paris 7 (1976)  
PhD, London, SOAS (1982)  

email: christian.bauer

  recent, in press or forthcoming:  
  2019. [ article ] [ forthcoming ]
  2018. [ monograph ] [ forthcoming ]
  2018. The Mon inscriptions from Burma, Thailand and Laos in: Daniel Perret, ed., Writing for Eternity - A Survey of Southeast Asian Epigraphy.
Paris: Ecole française d’Extrême Orient, 135-149
  2015. Vestiges of Proto-Tai clusters in 15th century inscriptions from Northern Thailand ZDMG, 165.1:211-214
  2015. Mainland Southeast Asia (Mon, Khmer and Thai) in: J.A. Silk, ed., Brill’s Encyclopedia of Buddhism, Volume I: Literature and Languages.
Leiden: Brill, 933-940
  2014. [review of] P.N. Jenner, A Dictionary of Middle Khmer (Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, 2011) Diachronica, 31.3:447-455

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