Dr. Andrey Soldatenkov

Institut für Mathematik
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin

Room 1.414
Rudower Chaussee 25
12489 Berlin
E-mail: soldatea (ergänze @hu-berlin.de)



  1. On the Hodge structures of compact hyperkähler manifolds, preprint arXiv:1905.07793, to appear in Math. Res. Lett.
  2. Deformation principle and André motives of projective hyperkähler manifolds, preprint arXiv:1904.11320
  3. Limit mixed Hodge structures of hyperkähler manifolds, Mosc. Math. J. 20 (2020), no. 2, 423-436
  4. The Kuga-Satake construction under degeneration (with S. Schreieder), J. Inst. Math. Jussieu (2019);
  5. Kuga-Satake construction and cohomology of hyperkähler manifolds (with N. Kurnosov and M. Verbitsky), Adv. Math. 351 (2019), 275-295;
  6. On the geometry of the Lehn-Lehn-Sorger-van Straten eightfold (with E. Shinder), Kyoto J. Math. 57 (2017), no. 4, 789-806;
  7. K-symplectic structures and absolutely trianalytic subvarieties in hyperkähler manifolds (with M. Verbitsky), J. Geom. Phys. 92 (2015), 147-156;
  8. Holomorphic Lagrangian fibrations on hypercomplex manifolds (with M. Verbitsky), Int. Math. Res. Not. (2015), no. 4, 981-994;
  9. Subvarieties of hypercomplex manifolds with holonomy in SL(n, H) (with M. Verbitsky), J. Geom. Phys. 62 (2012), no. 11, 2234-2240;
  10. Holonomy of the Obata connection on SU(3), Int. Math. Res. Not. (2012), no. 15, 3483-3497.


At the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Summer semester 2020:
Algebraic number theory
Winter semester 2019/2020:
Übungen zur Analysis III für Physiker
Winter semester 2018/2019:
Übungen zur Analysis III für Physiker

At the University of Bonn

Summer semester 2018:
Übungen zur Einführung in die Komplexe Analysis (V2B3)
Degenerations of algebraic varieties and motivic integration - SFB-Transregio-45 Seminar on Algebraic Geometry
Winter semester 2017/2018:
Graduate Seminar on Advanced Geometry (S4D3) - Topics in Complex Geometry and Hodge Theory
Summer semester 2017:
Advanced Topics in Geometry - Introduction to K3 surfaces (V5D3)
Winter semester 2016/2017:
Advanced Algebra I (V4A5): Intersection theory and pure motives
Hyperbolicity of complex varieties - SFB-Transregio-45 Seminar on Algebraic Geometry
Summer semester 2016:
Algebraic Geometry II (V4A2)
Winter semester 2015/2016:
Algebraic Geometry I (V4A1)
Summer semester 2015:
Commutative Algebra (V3A1)

Bachelor/master theses supervised

Some of the conferences I attended