Onur Özsoy

linguist / teacher

I am a Master of Education student of Geography and English at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. I've also been working at Artemis Alexiadou's RUESHeL group since March 2017. There, I became a linguist. My main interests broadly are psycholinguistics, language acquisition, heritage languages, syntax, morphology and their interfaces with semantics, and language teaching. Besides, I've been working as a first aid instructor with napaso since I was 18 (i.e. 2014).

Sometimes, I give talks at conferences (e.g. at the 42 DGfS annual meeting) and write articles. I'm planning to upload most of it here, but for now you could check out my academia and OSF sites.

I am also on Twitter and the OSF.

What’s new?

On 17 October 2020, Daniil Bondarenko and I will present a project on lexical processing which we are running under Itamar Kastner's supervision. Here's the schedule for the Words in the World conference where we'll be presenting.

My semester has started two months ago because I do a Master of Education and am currently in my practical semester which starts prior to the regular semester start. Additionally, we're currently writing up two projects; one is about allomorphy as a predictor in lexical processing, and the other is about fluency as a predictor in heritage language acquisition.

I'm proudly co-organizing the 68. StuTS (international student linguistics conference mostly hosted in Germany) with ten other organizers. It will take place online from 19-21 November 2020. A month ago, we hosted the 7th Linguistik Meetup Berlin-Brandenburg as a linguistics workshop camp in the woods! Dan Bondarenko and I wrote a blogpost about it.

I co-started a podcast about syntax, semantics and other stuff. Each episode, we interview a different linguist about their research and why it matters. It's called InterFacing Language and new episodes will soon be found here.

Write me if you're interested in my research, or anything else related to me. My email is onur.oezsoy@hu-berlin.de..

Here's a pic of me feasting on some delicious Çiğ Köfte (arguably the best and healthiest vegan fast food in the Mediterranean) in my parents' hometown (Şarkışla):

Onur posing with Çiğ Köfte Tweets by _Onurunki

Last updated: 12 October 2020. This site is will be extended to include more information, and slides.

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