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Journal articles:

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Books and book contributions:

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Selected other publications:

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Professional review activities:

Agricultural Economics;  Agrarwirtschaft; Agricultural Systems;  Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment;  Annals of the Association of American Geographers;  Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics; Carbon Balance & Management; Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability; Danish Journal of Geography;  Ecological Economics;  Ecological Research;   Environment and Development Economics; Environmental Conservation;  Environmental Management;  Environmental Modelling & Software; Environmental Monitoring & Assessment;  European Review of Agricultural Economics;  Forest Policy & Economics;  International Journal of Geographic Information Systems; Journal of Forest Economics; Journal of Land Use Science;  Journal of Peasant Studies; Land Use Policy;  Landscape Ecology; Mountain Research and Development; National Science Foundation (NSF);  Regional Environmental Change; Sensors; Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography;  Society and Natural Resources; Transactions in GIS; Yearbook of Socioeconomics in Agriculture; World Development.



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