Selected presentations

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Invited Talks and Guest Lectures (selection since 2009):

2015: Can the former Soviet Union countries contribute to reducing the looming global land scarcity? Agrarökonomisches Kolloquium, Universität Bonn.

2015: Post-socialist land transformations  in the former Soviet Union. ICRAF Central Asia Workshop on Agroforestry; Kunming, China.

2014: Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture: Concepts, Challenges and Opportunities. Sichuan Agricultural University.

2014: Agricultural potentials and carbon tradeoffs in Russia. Sichuan Agricultural University.

2014: Ackerbauliche Produktionspotenziale in Russland und Kohlenstoff-Trade-Offs der Rekultivierung. Geographisches Kolloquium, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg.

2013: Potentials of agricultural production and carbon tradeoffs in the Russian Federation. Food Security Center in Dialogue, University of Hohenheim.

2013: Comparing the determinants of cropland abandonment in Albania and Romania using boosted regression trees. Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences Seminar Series, University of Hohenheim.

2013: Understanding Land-System Change in the Former Soviet Union. Policy and Stakeholder Workshop, Altai State University, Barnaul.

2013: Conceptualizing, Measuring and Mapping Land-Use Intensity. Wissenschaftlicher Vortrag im Habilitationsverfahren. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

2012: Postsocialist Land Reforms: Representations, outcomes, and empirical examples. Invited lecture, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu.

2011: How can payments for ecosystem services promote sustainable land use? Invited lecture, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu.

2011: Folgen des Klimawandels für die Forstwirtschaft Albaniens. Opening event: “Climate change - Challenges for Albania?" Goethe-Institut Tirana.

2011: How important is land fragmentation in constraining agricultural development? A critique of state-led land consolidation initiatives Presented at the Seminar “Property rights security and its implications for rural development in Albania", Tirana.

2010: What caused the differences in country-specific land use trajectories across Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union? Agrarökonomisches Kolloquium; Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.

2010: The Human Dimensions of Land Use Change: Theory and Applications. China Ecological Forum, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.

2010: Payments for ecosystem services to promote sustainable land use practices. Seminar “Economic Assessment and Policies for Sustainable Rural Development". China Agricultural University, Beijing.

2009: Postsozialistische Entwicklungspfade der Landnutzung in Osteuropa und der ehemaligen Sowjetunion: Gemeinsamkeiten, Unterschiede und deren Ursachen. Appointment lecture for professorship “Sustainable Land Use and Global Change." Universität für Bodenkultur, Vienna.

2009: Räumliche Modellierung der Aufgabe agrarisch genutzter Flächen in Albanien und Rumänien. Geographisches Kolloquium der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Göttingen.

2009: (Geo-)statistical analyses and modeling. Invited lecture at International Summer School 2009 “Megacities: Health, Geomatics and Climate Change." University of Bielefeld.

2009: Land change science and the integration of socioeconomic data with spatially explicit data. Invited talk at kick-off workshop "Market-based instruments for ecosystem services". Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, Berlin.

2009: The Forest-Poverty Nexus in Rural Vietnam: A Spatial Explanation. Lecture Series "Challenges of Sustainable Resource Use in Asian Economies." Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

2009: The Transition as a Natural Experiment: How broad-scale transformation affects local land use change. Keynote speech, IAMO Forum 2009. Halle (Saale).

2009: Modeling the effects of payments for ecosystem service on human well-being and land use in upland Yunnan. Presentation to NSF IGERT China Program. University of Wisconsin, Madison (WI).

2009: Mixing analytical approaches improves the understanding of postsocialist land use change. Guest lecture at the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources. University of Purdue, Lafayette (IN).


Conference Presentations (selection since 2008; * presenter):

*Kuemmerle, T., Müller, D., Olofsson, P., Schierhorn, F., Prishchepov, A., Alcantara, C., Woodcock, C., Radelo_, V.C., Houghton, R.A. (2012). Carbon implications of socialist and post-socialist land use change in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Planet Under Pressure Conference, London.

Schierhorn, F., *Müller, D., Hahlbrock, K., Prishchepov, A., Balmann, A. (2011). Agricultural potentials of European Russia, Presentation at IAMO Forum 2011 \Will the BRICS Decade continue? Prospects for trade and growth", Halle (Saale).

*Prishchepov, A.V.,Müller, D., Dubinin, M., Radeloff, V., Baumann, M. (2011): Determinants of agricultural land abandonment in post-Soviet European Russia: a spatially-explicit modeling approach. 13th Congress of the EAAE, Zurich.

*Müller, D., Suess, S. (2010). Can the MODIS active fire hotspots be used as an input into MRV for REDD+? Global Land Project Open Science Meeting, Phoenix, AZ.

*Müller, D., Sun, Z. Xu, J. (2010). Local pathways to the forest transition in Yunnan, China. Global Land Project Open Science Meeting, Phoenix, AZ.

*Schierhorn, F., Müller, D., Balmann, A. (2010). Biomass potentials in European Russia: A composition of extensive abandoned land and a wide yield gap. NASA-LCLUC meeting: Monitoring Land Cover and Land Use in Boreal and Temperate Europe, Tartu.

*Müller, D., Sikor, T. (2009). Variations in underlying causes spur diverging land change trajectories in Albania and Romania. IHDP Open Meeting 2009, Bonn.

Lakes, T., *Müller, D. (2009). Predicting hotspots of urban growth based on population projections for the greater Tirana area, Albania. IHDP Open Meeting 2009, Bonn.

*Kuemmerle, T., Kozak, J., Müller, D., Radeloff, V., Hostert, P. (2009). Post-socialist land use change, land ownership patterns, and land reforms in the Carpathian. IHDP Open Meeting 2009, Bonn.

*Müller, D., Sikor, T. (2009). How socialist legacies and postsocialist reform policies shaped land use in Albania and Romania. 2009 US-IALE Symposium, Snowbird, UT.

Sun, Z., *Müller, D. (2009). A hybrid agent-based model to assess the economic and ecological outcomes of payments for ecosystem services in Yunnan, China. 2009 US-IALE Symposium, Snowbird, UT.



Selected presentations

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