Student prizes


1. The winner of the prize awarded by the SFB Information density and linguistic encoding at Saarland University

is Silvia Radulescu for her talk “When Attention Distraction Helps Rule Induction. An Entropy Model", with co-authors Mridhula Murali, Sergey Avrutin and Frank Wijnen

2. The winner of the prize awarded by Brain Sciences Open Access Journal of Neuroscience

is Andrew Jessop for his talk Difficulties Tracking Role-referent Switches Can Help

to Explain the Subject/Object Relative Clause Asymmetry" with co-author Franklin Chang

Details on the selection procedure

  1. 17 oral student presentations at AMLaP 2018

    1. First selection stage

      1. 6 abstracts >= 6 (averaged across reviewers, scale from 1-7, with 7=top score)

    2. Second selection stage

      1. Evaluation of 6 candidate talks by a panel of 3 (Gerry T. M. Altmann, Craig G. Chambers, P. Knoeferle)