Itamar Kastner

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I'm a linguist and cognitive scientist. Mainly I'm into morphology, syntax and sign language research. Grab a copy of my CV or see my list of publications for more details.

In general, I am interested in how lexical material (which may be idiosyncratic or "exceptional") combines with functional material (the syntax) and how the two constrain each other. This question is addressed by using theoretical, computational and experimental methods. Other recent work has explored what biases learners bring with them when learning different morphological generalizations.

I have previously been affiliated with:

2011-2016The Morphology Research Group, the Marantz Lab and the Pylkkänen Lab at NYU's Department of Linguistics (as a PhD student).
2010-2011The Sign Language Research Lab at the University of Haifa (my beautiful hometown), where I was a research assistant for a year. The lab studies American Sign Language, Israeli Sign Language and a number of emerging sign languages, most famous of which is probably Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language.
2006-2010My BA is from Queen Mary, University of London where I was also a research assistant at the Department of Linguistics and Department of Computer Science, working on a couple of computational linguistics and morphology projects.
2009As an exchange student I also spent a semester at the University of Heidelberg's Institut für Computerlinguistik.