PhD thesis [Available in pdf]

Title: Phenomenology of active particles with finite and discrete internal states: an individual and collective study.
Defense date: November 5th 2018.
Thesis advisor: Fernando Peruani.

Preprints & Peer-reviewed Publications [Google Scholar]

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    * equally contributed

  • [7] Luis Gómez-Nava, Robert T. Lange, Pascal P. Klamser, Juliane Lukas, David Bierbach, Jens Krause, Henning Sprekeler, Pawel Romanczuk, Information spread enhanced by criticality in groups of fish, under review.

  • [6] Luis Gómez-Nava, Richard Bon, Fernando Peruani. Democratic leadership controls intermittent collective motion and file formation, accepted with minor revisions, pdf available here.

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    arXiv: <arXiv:106.00959>.

  • [4] Luis Gómez-Nava, Thierry Goudon, Fernando Peruani, Kinetic and macroscopic models for active particles exploring complex environments with an internal navigation control system, Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences Vol. 31, No. 08, 2021.
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