Shah Faisal

Shah Faisal

I am a PhD phase-I student at the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS), Berlin.

Before coming to BMS, I was pursuing a postgraduate diploma in Mathematics in ICTP, Trieste, Italy where I focused on ergodic theory. I wrote my diploma project with Prof. Stefano Luzzatto. I have obtained my bachelor degree from the university of Peshawar, Pakistan in 2016. I wrote my bachelor project with Dr. Akbar Zada.

Research Interests:

Currently, I am thinking about problems in Symplectic Topology. In particular, I am interested to understand what do pseudo-holomorphic curves with certain properties in a symplectic manifold know about the topology of the underlying symplectic manifold.

In the past, I have thought about problems in ergodic theory and qualative behaviour of differential equations. My study on this topics can be access here and here respectively.

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