Shah Faisal

Supporting Mathematics in Pakistan

On one hand, the Bachelor and master degree program in Pakistan are very weak in the sense that they cant prepare students for a potential PhD program abroad. But on other hand, highly motivated students that learn from here and there sources and end well in the studies dont find enough guidance to find a good master or PhD position abroad.

Several effects has been made so far to strengthen graduate program, for instance, the establishment of Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences in 2003. Recently, ICTP in collaboration with COMSATS University established a international master program in Mathematics which is a part of this thread of effects.

However, there is apparently no platform for students where they are guided about the international scholarships for master and PhD degrees. So every week I spare sometime to help such students. If you were one of such students, write to me on with your transcript attached.

Students who got scholarships: