• I am Asian.
  • I have brown eyes, and I am right handed.


  • I am single, I have no children, and I have two siblings.
  • My parents divorced.
  • I went to college.
  • I have friends in the LGBT community.


  • I managed to elevate my socio-economic status compared to my childhood.


  • I enjoy taking part in competitions and prove my skills, and I am very careful to details, I consider myself a perfectionist.
  • Taking care of the body is important for me.
  • I am not a confrontational person.
  • I am fascinated by technological progress, and, I know that some people will think that it is silly, but sometimes I like to believe that fantastic creatures like fairies, gnomes and the like are real.


  • I have read that more and more people have problems giving away things they do not really need or use any more, but not me!
  • I am not that type of person that sends back food at the restaurant if I don’t like it.
  • I never read horoscopes or similar silly things.


  • My favorite color is blue.
  • My dream country for a vacation is Japan.
  • My favorite food is Japanese, I like my food spicy, but not too much.

Dinge, die ich mache

  • If I use social media? I am a somewhat active user.
  • I don’t smoke.
  • I go dancing, but only sometimes.

Dinge, die ich mag

  • I like to play video games.

Ein interessanter Fakt über mich

  • I was the first of my family to attend and graduate from a university.