Edited volumes


  • Performances in Assyrian and Babylonian Astral Science, in: Proceedings of the Workshop "Performing (with) Manuscripts", 20-23 may 2019, Observatoire de Paris
  • Watching and Seeing: Visual Perception in Mesopotamian Scholarship
  • The Trapezoid Procedures: Area Computations in Babylonian Astronomy, in: Proceedings of SAW conference on Mathematical Practices in Ancient Astral Science, Paris
  • Babylonian Astronomy: Editing and Interpreting an Ancient Science, in: A. Keller, K. Chemla, C. Proust (eds.), Shaping the Sciences of the Ancient World: Text Criticisms, Critical Editions and Translations of Ancient and Medieval Scholarly Texts (18th–20th century)
  • Mesopotamian Astronomical Tables and Late Babylonian Mathematical Tables, in: D. Tournes (ed.), History of Numerical Tables (Springer)
  • Babylonian Astronomers in Context: a Network Approach
  • On the unit UŠ = šuššān, NABU 2022/2, No. 68, 156–157
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