ESLP - Embodied and Situated Language Processing Conference

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  • 2021 ESLP Organizers in place
  • 2020 ESLP 2020 was to be organized by Yvonne Delevoye and Tatjana Nazir in Tourcoing (near Lille), France (August 24-26, 2020. We regret to inform you that ESPL 2020 in Tourcoing had to be cancelled given the current health crisis and in light of the government's announcements.

ESLP is concerned with multi-modal interactions during online language processing. It embraces different research methods - among them behavioural, neuropsychological, and computational approaches that have provided converging evidence for the existence and incremental nature of such interaction. It provides a forum for interdisciplinary discussion between scientists that have examined the interaction of language and visual/motor processing in embodied and situated settings.

Recent ESLP Conferences

2019 ESLP Conference: ESLP meets Attlis
ESLP 2019 took place in Berlin, Germany, together with Attlis (“The Attentive Listener in the Visual World”). Conference dates: August 28-30, 2019. Venue: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. (Organisers: Camilo Rodriguez-Ronderos, Daniela Palleschi, Katja Münster, Thu Thu Huong Ngyuen, Aine Ito, Pia Knoeferle). Conference website

2018 ESLP Conference
ESLP 2018 took place at Lancaster University, organized by Louise Connell and Dermot Lynott. See the poster for details and the conference website.

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