Ricardo Cedeño Montaña MSc


Research project at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Knowledge and design in do-it-yourself production of moving images
start: 2011-


The notion of film making as an exclusive practice of well trained professionals is disappearing. Increasingly, the media production power is being put on the hands of consumers, who can design and produce their own media material through digital applications. This research concentrates on the storage formats of portable media for moving images as the material basis for DIY and amateur productions. This research project approaches amateur practices in moving image production as taking place within the boundaries of small and portable equipment. The purpose is to contribute in the comprehension of the nature of contemporary moving images through the historical and technical analysis of lo-fi (low fidelity) and reduced media formats loaded in portable machines. By compressing moving image production into small gauge film cameras, camcorders, and camera phones the boundary between amateurs and experts is set on the physical qualities of the media storage formats. The current rise of the DIY moving image therefore calls for historical and technical analyses on the materiality of such formats.

Other materials

Betamax Loading System from ~{dRNn}~ on Vimeo.

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